Jake Achtemeier

Assistant Scientist


Jake Achtemeier serves as an assistant scientist in the HumanFIRST Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. His research background includes cognitive arousal when reading texts, functional neuroimaging while solving mathematics, semantic representation in higher executive function, and psychophysiological methods and analysis. His research interests in the fields of transportation and cognition include high-performance driving capability, reading and semantic performance while driving, and signal detection in visual psychology.

Before joining HumanFIRST, Achtemeier was awarded a B.S. in cognitive science at the University of Wisconsin-Stout Polytechnic, emphasizing academic work in cognitive neuroscience and biomedical instrumentation, in conjunction with his cognitive research.

Jake's passion for transportation studies is complimented with his hobby and lifestyle of being an automotive enthusiast, fabricating turbocharger systems and engine management programming on various platforms of cars for competition. This aspect of an in-depth understanding of transportation systems engineering coupled with strong cognitive research provides a unique addition to the HumanFIRST Lab's dynamic and skilled team of human factors transportation researchers.

Selected Presentations

Mensink, M. C., Achtemeier, J. , & Lysne, P. (2015, July). Respiratory sinus arrhythmia as an indicator of interest while reading a seductive and non-seductive scientific text. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse, Minneapolis, MN.

Freeman, C., Achtemeier, J., Herron, J (2015, February). Human experience, post-modernism, and third world cinema: An exploration of Borom Sarret: Cart Driver. Film analysis and public presentation on the effectiveness on third world cinema in regards to expressing human experientialism. Presented at the Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center screening, UW-Stout, Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Mensink, M. C., Achtemeier, J., & Lysne, P (2014, August). An exploration of electrodermal activity during comprehension of a seductive scientific text. Poster presented at the annual meeting for the Society for Text & Discourse (ST&D). Chicago, Illinois.

Achtemeier, J., Ekundayo, I., Lynse, P., Boyd, H., Weed, K. & Swain, L (2014, June). To the left, to the left: Biosemantics and the role of the PFC in symbolic spatial semantic representation using fNIR imaging. Poster presented at the completion of the University of South Carolina - Aiken/University of Wisconsin - Stout joint C-NERVE Summer REU. Aiken, South Carolina.